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Building for the Future

In only 25 years, Galliard has grown from a small partnership into one of London’s leading property developers.

This has not happened by accident. The combination of a strong business strategy and a robust financial strategy has helped Galliard evolve into one of the brand leaders in today’s London residential property market.

The four cornerstones of our business strategy are quality, price, location and service. Delivering a value-for-money product, where and when it is needed, and with the right level of aftercare support, has earned Galliard an enviable reputation. This can only be achieved with a dedicated workforce that is focused on the key issues, and that enables the group to provide a one-stop-shop covering each of the disciplines required for a comprehensive development package. Planning, design, construction, selling and property management are all part of Galliard’s inclusive service.

Equally important to our success is the financial strategy that provides the solid foundation on which the group has been built. Risk is spread by the use of joint ventures on the majority of projects. Funding is underpinned by selling off-plan in advance of the construction phase. Marketing is targeted at core customer groups such as Buy-to-Let investors, overseas investors and repeat buyers. Cost control is a top priority to protect margins and maximise returns.

The Galliard brand enjoys a deserved reputation for outstanding value at a competitive price. Combine this with iconic and award-winning developments, and an experienced and able management team, Galliard truly is 'building for the future' in every sense.