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Birmingham has become an investment hotspot not only for property, but also for companies looking to relocate their business. From global businesses to British greats Birmingham has seen names as big as HSBC and Deutsche Bank move to call this Midlands hub home. It comes as no surprise that, in 2015, Birmingham was recognised as one of the most investable cities in the UK, with companies from all over the world showing a vested interest.

Back to the Beginning

Birmingham played a large role in the Industrial revolution in the late 1700s and by the 18th century the city had become one of the main European producers of various items including buckles, buttons and jewellery.  The Lunar Society, founded by Matthew Boulton, James Watt and Ersamus Darwin, gained worldwide recognition for its innovative and pioneering ideas within the fields of science, arts philosophy and commerce. From early on it is clear that Birmingham has been home to an excellent workforce and revolutionary ideas.

Today, Birmingham has been attracting businesses from a wide range of sectors looking for a fresh, forward-thinking area to invest their company. The economy, in recent years, has seen a healthy growth and is set to further rise as more firms are choosing Birmingham as the location for their offices.

Established Companies

In 2007, Deutsche Bank opened in Birmingham and has since expanded their portfolio. The initial decision to open in Birmingham is largely down to the live, work and play environment that Birmingham underpins. This focus ensures that their staff are able to get the most out of not only their workplace but where they live too. The excellent connections that Birmingham has to London and beyond are a significant factor that appeals to many organisations. ‘Relocate to Birmingham’ explain how Deutsche Bank has seen their profits increase by 150% since moving to Birmingham.

This year, HSBC returned back to its original home, Birmingham, where ‘The Birmingham and Midland Bank’ part of the group began in 1836. As with any company the decision to relocate across the country takes immense planning and consideration, one of the reasons why HSBC chose Birmingham as their new home is due to its central location which will make it more accessible to all of their customers. Another contributing factor is the new HS2 which will open in 2026, which will half journey times into London in just 49 minutes consequently increasing ease and accessibility.

On the Move

Following suit, PwC has confirmed that it will be taking up all of the commercial space at One Chamberlain Square to accommodate its regional expansion. The Midlands Region Chairman of PwC Matthew Hammond explains how choosing a location in the heart of Birmingham will provide ‘the opportunity to grow and deepen the skills of existing teams’. It is evident that among other reasons Birmingham is, for many, a place to grow and excel.

BBC Three has also chosen to move part of their business to a new Birmingham base.  In an effort to help innovate the company and to reflect the changing face of Britain, BBC Three believes that Birmingham’s ‘incredible diversity’ will help to do this. Birmingham is often perceived as a growing city and consequently becomes the ideal place for businesses to thrive. The growth of Birmingham from its population to its economy is an excellent choice for those looking for promising areas outside of London.

The Future of Birmingham

Channel 4 has announced their decision to open a new, national headquarters outside of London, and Birmingham has made the shortlist. The decision, yet to be announced, looks towards Birmingham for many key reasons. Andy Street, the Conservative mayor of the West Midlands, has expressed why Birmingham would be a top choice based on “unrivalled connectivity, the diverse and young nature of our population and the strength of our creative and digital economy”.

According to ‘Relocate to Birmingham ‘there are more international companies in Birmingham than any other city outside of London’. It is also important to note Birmingham has more businesses than any other regional city. With facts such as these it is clear why many companies have chosen – or are looking towards Birmingham – as the location for their new offices. Having a cluster of companies thriving in an area is reassurance for any organisation looking to relocate.

From its excellent transport services to its central location, Birmingham offers great investment opportunities for both companies and property investors alike. Naturally, the more companies that are relocating to Birmingham the better property investment opportunities there are as it creates a higher interest in the area and property is required to meet such demands. With relocation comes a significant employment opportunity for the area, consequently creating high demand for workers locally or those nationally that are willing to move.

The relocation of many people looking for new job opportunities creates a particularly rewarding opportunity for Buy-to-Let investors. There are many reasons why Buy-to-Let investors, in particular, benefit from relocating companies. A key factor that makes this sector popular is when companies are looking for their current staff to join their move; it is often likely that renting is the preferred option for a number of reasons, whether it be time-related, easier or simply not wanting the long-term commitment.  

Property Available

Presenting Timber Yard, a collection of 379 modern apartments which will encompass 21st century living. The majority of properties will feature a private terrace or balcony while all residents will have access to the winter garden and landscaped courtyard gardens. From sophisticated interiors to an excellent location, residents of this development will be spoilt with designer kitchens and integrated appliances. With HS2 services, available from 2026, only a 15 minute walk away at Curzon Street station, residents will be able to reach London in just 49 minutes.

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