Responsible business strategy

Galliard is London’s largest privately owned residential developer and one of the largest housebuilders in the capital.


Over the past 30 years, the company has grown from a small partnership and this has not happened by accident. The combination of a strong, responsible business strategy and robust financial planning has helped Galliard evolve into one of the brand leaders in today’s London residential property market.

At Galliard we take being a responsible business seriously.  As an employer of choice, our corporate strategy endorses our values and underpins the way in which we conduct our business. We have a genuine desire to create a better London, and a better standard of living for those who live and work amongst us. We endeavour to act responsibly, operate ethically and champion integrity in all of our dealings. Our long-term goal is to engage with the communities within which we work and promote employability, educational advancement, charitable giving, a strong local economy and environmental sustainability. We are committed to delivering a positive and enduring impact on our stakeholders - our employees, our investors, our communities and our clients.

An important factor to our success is the financial strategy that provides the solid foundation on which the group has been built. Risk is spread by the use of joint ventures on the majority of projects. Funding is underpinned by selling off-plan in advance of the construction phase. Marketing is targeted at core customer groups such as Buy-to-Let investors, first time buyers and property investors. Cost control is a top priority to protect margins and maximise returns.

The Galliard brand enjoys a deserved reputation for outstanding value at a competitive price. Combine this with iconic and award-winning developments, and an experienced and able management team, Galliard truly is 'building for the future' in every sense.


Our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Galliard Homes Group is committed to ensuring that all our operations and that of our supply chain are conducted in an ethical, transparent and fair manner in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act and that the health, safety, security and well-being of our employees, partners, customers and community stakeholders is paramount. 

To view our Modern Slavery Statement 2022 click here.


Employing a Strategic Approach

Acquiring land and properties with a suitable potential for development is in the foundation that underpins our ongoing growth and success. Our experienced land-buying team has developed a wide resource network that provides a pipeline of opportunities that fit our investment strategy and return criteria.

Land Acquisition


A commitment to CSR

As a group of companies concerned with construction, re-development and regeneration, we are acutely aware of the impact we have on the environment, on communities and on people – so we take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) duties very seriously indeed.

Social Responsibility

Those duties commence when we choose the sites on which we wish to build, taking the greatest care to ensure that our proposed developments will enrich the landscapes in which they will be built. We bear in mind environmental factors in relation to ecosystems, wildlife, green areas and biodiversity; we also consider the impact our proposed developments will have on people, communities, infrastructures, transport and other matters.

Only when we are satisfied that we can measurably benefit the places in which we build (to a standard that conforms to our rigorous CSR policies) do we proceed with acquisition and subsequent development. At all stages of planning, construction and completion, we liaise with local authorities, local people and local groups to ensure that we are achieving results that are both acceptable and welcomed by local communities.

In addition, wherever possible, we contribute positively to the localities in which we build – ploughing Galliard skills and capabilities back into the community in order to add to the lives of local people and to create rewarding legacies for the future.

For those destined to occupy our buildings, our CSR responsibilities include ensuring that we have built ethically, responsibly and in an environmentally-aware manner, whilst using products and processes that are also ethical and sustainable. We also take great care to ensure that our buildings are energy-efficient and a low carbon footprint – and we welcome all input from our clients, the public and authorised bodies that helps us to better achieve our CSR goals.

Charity partnership with St Mungo's 

We are thrilled to announce our corporate charity partnership with St Mungo’s.

At Galliard Homes we believe that everyone should have a place to call home. Our partnership will enable us to address the important issue of homelessness and allow us to support those that need it most to rebuild their lives.

St Mungo's Logo



A sustainable approach to construction

Every organisation needs to be aware of the impact of its operations on the environment.  At Galliard we are acutely aware of the need to use scarce resources as efficiently as possible, to minimise waste and to acknowledge our responsibility to limit harmful emissions wherever and whenever we can.  Our goal is to achieve the highest possible standard of sustainability within our industry.


Equally we want our finished product to maintain the sustainability standards we have set during its construction in terms of the efficiency with which it continues to consume energy in the future.  This is achieved through innovative design, intelligent employment of technology and the use of energy efficient materials throughout the construction process.  

Our commitment can be demonstrated in three key areas:

Reducing waste

We have introduced a number of initiatives to actively manage and reduce the impact of waste on our construction sites.  Our ultimate aim is to recycle all waste from all our sites.  Since January 2014 we have consistently achieved a recycle rate of 98% which, in itself, is an excellent accomplishment.  In order to achieve this we segregate all waste into offcuts of plasterboard, metal, concrete, cardboard, plastics, wood and green waste all of which is then channelled through recycling plants. 

Building energy efficient homes, and using sustainable materials
There are many critical features that our customers look for when choosing their new home; price, design, location, standard of finish, but one of the most important is its energy efficiency and the use of sustainable materials in its construction.  These factors are therefore at the forefront of the minds of our design and build teams who work hard to ensure that the sustainability and energy efficiency of our product meets the exacting standards our customers expect.

Wherever possible we will therefore use Forest Stewardship Council (“FSC”) certified wood, LED lighting, reduced water flow taps and thermal insulation products using the latest technologies and designs amongst a multitude of other products and initiatives.

As an illustration of our success in this area and using a sample selection of 1,042 apartments completed over the last 12 months, 96.6% achieved an EPC Energy Efficiency Rating of ‘B’, one level below the best, ‘A’ , performance level on the EPC ‘A’ to ‘G’ rating scale for new homes. 

Considerate constructors  

We take our responsibilities towards our staff and our neighbours seriously which is why all Galliard construction sites are registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (“CCS”) 

The CCS is a national initiative set up by the construction industry to improve its image. Construction sites that register with the Scheme are monitored against a Code of Considerate Practice designed to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements.  It is concerned about any area of construction activity that may have a direct or indirect impact on the image of the industry as a whole, the main areas of concern being: the general public, the workforce and the environment.  In summary the code aims to ensure that constructors:

•    Ensure sites appear professional and well managed
•    Give utmost consideration to their impact on neighbours and the public
•    Protect and enhance the environment
•    Attain the highest levels of safety performance
•    Provide a supportive and caring working environment

We positively engage with our neighbours to ensure we keep them informed of our plans and clearly provide contact details for specific named Galliard staff on each site so that any concerns can be raised directly and resolved quickly. 

Our development plans always incorporate ecological and biodiversification considerations and the developments themselves are characterised by the generous open spaces created where both residents and members of the public can relax.  We will also seek to minimise the impact of noise and air pollution whilst maximising the environmental benefit for our communities by planting or retaining trees and shrubs. 


Galliard operates within the construction sector which, traditionally, attracts a greater proportion of male workers. Inevitably, therefore, our gender pay gap data will appear to be skewed in favour of male employees. In reality, however, we consider ourselves to be an equal opportunities employer and will always pay male and female employees equally for doing the same job. Unfortunately, by reason of its relatively simplistic nature, the comparisons calculated and reported under the gender pay gap guidelines do not focus on equivalent employments but rather compare pay rates across a wide variety of different jobs which will inevitably throw up variations that are not a result of the unequal treatment of men and women but more a reflection of the fact that men tend to occupy more senior positions than women in a construction environment. Whilst we make every effort to address this imbalance we are constrained by reality and have to accept that senior construction positions will continue to be occupied by men rather than women for the foreseeable future.

We consider our gender pay gap performance to compare favourably with many other employers in our sector.

The group’s gender pay gap data can be found by visiting: https://gender-pay-gap.service.gov.uk/


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