Building Safety

Galliard Homes has always supported the principle that leaseholders should not have to pay for the remediation of life critical fire safety issues in their buildings. We are committed to ensuring that leaseholders are not held responsible for the necessary remediation of their homes. 
Galliard Homes has signed both the Building Safety Pledge and the Developer Remediation Contract, which demonstrate our commitment to funding or undertaking any necessary remediation work to resolve life-critical fire safety defects in buildings we constructed over 11m in height within the last 30 years.
Our buildings, including their cladding and external wall systems, are thoroughly inspected and approved as compliant with the relevant building regulations in place at the time of construction. We take pride in our high-quality construction and customer satisfaction.
We have been working closely with building control bodies, freeholders, managing agents, and leaseholders to identify solutions and support those affected by any issues related to building safety.

We have a dedicated internal Building Safety team that works directly with building owners and management companies as they conduct reviews of their buildings. Our goal is to work together to find suitable solutions to support leaseholders and residents in the buildings we constructed. 

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