Statement from Our Chairman and CEO

Galliard Homes is dedicated to ensuring the safety of the homes within our developments. We have always been, and continue to be, fully committed to rectifying any defects to our buildings. We work closely with residents to ensure any necessary action is undertaken in an expedient way with as little disruption as possible and at no cost to leaseholders.

Our commitment to our customers was exemplified when, together with the NHBC, we re-clad over 1000 homes across 11 separate buildings at our development in New Capital Quay, Greenwich, at no cost whatsoever to the leaseholders. This involved all associated costs including the 24-hour waking watch and installation and subsequently the removal of interim fire safety measures.

Galliard Homes places the utmost importance on its corporate responsibilities to owners and occupiers of apartment blocks we have constructed.

We have been clear with the Government, from the outset, that the cost of remediation should be borne fairly between all participants, including Galliard Homes. Following the recent progress of the Government in its endeavours to deliver a voluntary and joined-up industry-wide response to rectifying historic building defects, I am pleased to announce that in accordance with our principles of business Galliard Homes are now signatories of the Building Safety Repairs Pledge.

Stephen Conway
Chairman and CEO