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A Spotlight on Shakespeare Hotspots in London

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William Shakespeare has to be one of Britain’s greatest and most significant historical figures, providing some of the world’s most loved plays and even introducing an astounding 7,000 words into the English vocabulary.

London is home to many key venues that house some of the most treasured Shakespearean artefacts, so if you want a hearty helping of Shakespearean culture, honour his legacy by visiting some of these fantastic offerings showcased throughout London.

Victoria and Albert Museum

In the Victoria and Albert Museum in Knightsbridge you will find, quite possibly, the most important book in the English speaking language. This published collection of Shakespeare’s plays, or the ‘First Folio’ as it is more commonly known, has a monumental place in history as it kept Shakespeare’s original work protected as various duplicates of his masterpieces were distributed throughout London.  So, if you are feeling in the mood to get your creative juices flowing, be inspired with a trip to this museum and fall in love with Shakespeare all over again.

The National Archives

For a more intimate insight into the history of Shakespeare then a trip to The National Archives in Kew is exactly the place to go, as here you will find William Shakespeare’s original will. Shakespeare wrote this will shortly before his death and one of the reasons it is so special to this day is because it contains one of just three examples of Shakespeare’s signature.

Shakespeare’s Globe

On London’s South Bank, the Globe Theatre is one of the most popular attractions in London. This venue is a reconstitution of the original theatre and it is incredibly accurate as evidence of the theatre’s original remains were used when building it. This is the perfect place for all Shakespeare lovers as you can enjoy some of his masterpieces being performed on the open air stage. Exhibitions and tours of the Globe are also offered so visitors can get an all-round experience of all aspects of Shakespearean theatre.

Shakespeare City Walk

If you have already been to the Globe Theatre and seen the First Folio in the flesh but you still crave something a little extra, then the Shakespeare City Walk will be right up your street.  Attendees of this 90 minute walk will give you a true taste of Shakespearean life like you have never experienced before. Past visitors have stated, ‘the walk is full of hidden gems just off the main drag, places you may otherwise walk by countless times without ever knowing they were there.’ During this tour, expect to discover things about Shakespeare’s life, friends and relationships that you never knew before and visit scarcely known London landmarks and locations that are linked to Shakespeare. The tour guide, Declan, will make the experience all the more pleasurable as he will take you back in time with surprise performances of iconic Shakespearean speeches.

Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre at The Stage

Galliard Homes’ up-and-coming development, The Stage, will be one of East London’s most unique developments as it will be on the site of Shakespeare’s original Curtain Theatre and will comprise an exceptional heritage centre where residents and visitors will be able to delve into the countless wonders of Shakespeare. This heritage centre will feature some priceless artefacts from the original Curtain Theatre that were discovered in 2012. The original remains of the sunken amphitheatre seating 200 people will also be featured and spectators will be able to enjoy an array of outstanding Shakespearean performances. There will be no other venue in London that will allow for an authentic experience quite like this one at The Stage.

For further information about The Stage, please click here to view the development and property availability on our dedicated microsite.

Edited: 17th October 2022
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