Located in the London Borough of Hackney, to the north of the City of London, Shoreditch is the epitome of urban cool; packed with trendy cocktail bars, gastro eateries, cultural delights, and quirky markets.


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Top Brunch Hotspots in East London

Busy brunch hotspots in East London

Who doesn’t love a casual trip out for brunch at the weekend?

It must be everyone’s favourite meal of the week in London, but with an overwhelming choice of restaurants on offer, it can be hard to pick where to go. Our guide to the top five places to eat brunch in East London will without a doubt make your decision easier; it is an extremely important decision after all.


Honouring the beloved Iranian-style cafés of Bombay and providing more than just your average brunch, Dishoom will guarantee an unforgettable one with an exotic tang. The traditional ingredients and flavour combinations include pineapple-pink-peppercorn jam with a side of chocolate chai tea — tempted yet? The food is not the only impressive thing about this restaurant, as the interiors are truly admirable and upon arrival you feel as though you have stepped out of London into another world. After you’ve visited once you will be hooked, as you know what they say, a ‘Big Bombay’ is the best way to start the day.


If you need a boost of goodness on the Sunday morning after the night before, then the Peruvian menu at Andina packed with superfoods is exactly what you need. Go traditional with eggs and avocado on sourdough toast, or go the whole-hog with sweet potato pancakes and coconut whipped cream. Why not give the ‘Super Bloody Mary’ a go if you really need an extra kick to start the day.


If you’re after a weekend brunch with an accompanying piano playing pop hits then head to Bistrotheque. Set in an old warehouse with a relaxed, trendy ambience, this restaurant offers superb food made to leave a lasting impression. Indulge in your sweet tooth with their scrumptious pancakes topped with chocolate sauce, banana butter and salted candied peanuts. Alternatively, you can opt for the savoury option of avocado, poached eggs and cornbread, finished with a touch of hot sauce for a fiery twist; Bistrotheque has something for everyone to enjoy.

Serata Hall

Question: What could be better than a divine brunch at one of East London’s swankiest cocktail bars? Answer: Bottomless brunch at one of East London’s swankiest cocktail bars! Guests of this beautiful venue — decked out in plush, emerald green furniture and luscious plants — are presented with a variety of traditional brunch dishes with an Italian twist and a lengthy list of pizzas. However, they also have the option to make their brunch ‘bottomless’ with two hours of endless drinks; a choice of either Mimosa's (a brunch staple), some classic Italian fizz or Serata Hall’s very own Rum Punch. Throw in a DJ playing disco music throughout the afternoon and you’ve got yourself the brunch of dreams.

Delamina EAST

If you’re a lover of eastern Mediterranean food, Delamina East is the perfect spot for you to enjoy some brunch. Boasting striking bohemian interiors, this cosy little café in Spitalfields offers a range of delicious, home-cooked meals, drawing inspiration from traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Expect dishes such as shakshuka, lamb kofta and aromatic salads, accompanied by freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas. ‘Mazetim’ (small sharing dishes) are also served, hinting that this is a dining experience to be enjoyed collectively.

Edited: 6th December 2022