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Shoreditch - The Exclusive Fashion Destination

A row of shops in Shoreditch, an exclusive fashion destination.


Shoreditch is famous for its unique designs and exclusive fashion trends. This diverse area is a shopping destination for all as high-end designer shops are available in addition to high street brands.

The streets of Shoreditch are painted with edgy graffiti designs and artistic vibes fill the stores providing a unique shopping experience to contend with the busy streets of the West End.

Fashion History

The fashion history in Shoreditch is one to be recognised and remembered as East London was once the centre of the textile capital of the world. During the era of Victorian Britain and the industrial revolution the three main trades of Shoreditch included clothing, furnishings and printing. The occurrence of the industrial revolution set up new factories to produce products and specifically focus on specialised trades. After World War Two small industries moved out leaving empty warehouses and fewer people in the area. The empty spaces attracted up-and-coming artists including Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst. Many artists of the Young British Artists group (YBA) used wild tactics which attracted many other creatives and artists to join the area and increased its fashion influence.

Today Shoreditch currently holds its own fashion event calledRefashion East’ to celebrate the fashion history and heritage of Shoreditch. The event is organised by the charity Hubbub that offer events including workshops, tours, pop-up shops including fashion and textile heritage. Fashion historians Fox & Squirrel provide their very own tour to discover textile heritages of the area

Upcoming Fashion

As Shoreditch increases its fashion popularity more companies and stores are opening new stores in the UK and specifically in Shoreditch. For instance Kit and Ace, a North American based company  are opening their very first flagship store in Shoreditch and hope to open 10 UK and Australian based stores by 2019. 40 Colori is another example of the overseas attraction of Shoreditch. The Italian based company has now opened two stores in Milan and Shoreditch, increasing the exclusivity that Shoreditch has to offer.

Shops and Boutiques

Bethnal Green Road has become home to the world’s first pop-up mall BOXPARK. The shopping mall is unique unlike any other as each shop is made from shipping containers.  Not only are the shops trendy but the distinctive design of the mall offers a new shopping experience for all customers. The mall caters for revolutionary brands, creating an exclusive environment for shoppers.

Calvert Avenue has opened the very first stand-alone Mawi flagship shop where the brand first began in Shoreditch in 2005. The shop is filled with exceptional unique pieces of clothing and jewellery with statement pieces which are only available here making it the perfect shop for those who appreciate classic trends. Mawi offers a range of recognisable traditional styles by the designer in addition to contemporary modern pieces.

Fashion Colleges

Shoreditch is overflowing with fashion and schools and colleges in the area cater for every fashion enthusiast. One of Shoreditch’s finest schools of fashion and design is Isistituto Marangoni London. Every inch of the university is filled with the heritage and history of fashion which was founded in 1935 in Milan. The university is based in four different countries linking Shoreditch to fashion in other parts of the world. Courses at the university cover all aspects of fashion including using art history to design pieces to how to model and promote clothes become a successful designer. At the end of the three year course high achieving students are invited to present their masterpieces at a grand media event, The Fashion Show. The outstanding students are given the opportunity to impress industry professionals to help them enter the world of fashion.

The University of the Arts London provide a great university fashion experience. The university hosts its very own “Summer Shows” event where graduates showcase their fabulous fashion designs to the public. The university has strong connections with Penn State University and Texas State University providing external sources and guest lecturers for keen students. Students are not only taught fashion design but also the realities of fashion as a business.

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Flats for Sale in Shoreditch

The Fusion

Galliard Homes’ luxury development The Fusion lies in the heart of Shoreditch and shall be completed in 2016. The development offers five floors of 26 exquisitely designed apartments with impressive views of the city skyline.

The Fusion is now sold out. For more information, please visit the development page or use our property search tool to find other available properties. Alternatively, call us on 020 3409 2270 to speak with our team.

The Stage

The Stage is an exciting new joint venture development by Galliard Homes, the development will incorporate the heritage of Shoreditch as it is built around the remains of Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre, giving its name ‘The Stage.’ Located minutes away from Shoreditch High Street, residential, office, retail and leisure space will  also be available.  

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Edited: 11th April 2024