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The Owners of Marylebone

Marylebone Lane street sign.

Marylebone is a prosperous and affluent area in West London which is owned by two very prestigious estates: the Howard de Walden Estate and the Portman Estate.

The history of these estates and the ethos that they both have has been extremely important in the evolution of Marylebone and has absolutely helped it flourish in to the thriving area that it is today.

The Howard de Walden Estate

This renowned estate has a monumental value of about £3.2 billion and started around 1715 when the development of Cavendish Square commenced by the 2nd Earl of Oxford and Earl of Mortimer, Edward Harley. The estate covers approximately 92 acres and has ownership of over an impressive 850 properties, including properties on Marylebone High Street and Harley Street.

The estate has taken great care over the area and has encouraged its growth and improvement over the years, in the 1990s it instigated the rejuvenation of Marylebone High Street by introducing new shops, including the addition of the Waitrose supermarket. The Howard de Walden Estate has a strong morality, upholding a good relation with the schools in the Marylebone area and conducting the popular Summer Fayre that occurs annually, as well as the Christmas lights.  

The work that the estate has put into the area has made it a location in London that is unique with its own distinctive flair and character. They have managed to keep a balance in the area with a rare combination of luxury apartments, such as The Chilterns, and Michelin-starred restaurants, along with independent shops and quaint cafés; making Marylebone a one-of-a-kind place in London and an attractive place to live with its strong neighbourhood charm and close proximity to the vibrant West End lifestyle.

The Portman Estate

The Portman Estate is a property estate which covers a remarkable 110 acres, situated between Oxford Street and Edgeware Road. The Portman Family originally came from the West Country and in 1532 they gained an interest in London and the land available there. However, the family did not start development until at least another 200 years later during the Georgian era.

Nowadays the estate is run by the Portman Estate management company which is owned by the 10th Viscount Portman, Christopher Portman. Currently it consists of the London estate plus two farms and in London the estate either owns or manages a vast collection of properties, including 32 hotels, 215 offices and some 800 flats and house, amongst many other things.

The Portman Estate has been responsible for some striking restoration projects over recent years; 46 Gloucester place is a prime example of this and it is now a beautifully renovated Georgian townhouse with striking high ceilings and an eye-catching exterior that brings so much charm to the already pleasant area of Marylebone. Projects such as this one reflect the class and style of the Portman estate and showcase its high quality standards.

On top of the abundance of properties the Portman Estate owns, it also operates the Portman Foundation which aids various charities that are situated within the Marylebone area.

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Edited: 23rd October 2023