Wedged between the wealthy district of Marylebone and the chic and stylish area of Bloomsbury lies the quaint area of Fitzrovia; a place that manages to maintain a village charm whilst only being minutes away from one of the busiest shopping locations in London.


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The Old and New Meet at Fitzrovia

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Fitzrovia has earned its name because of its individuality and charm.

The combination of old and new buildings and the way that old and new traditions have merged together over the years really sets it apart from the rest of London and gives it a charisma that you cannot find anywhere else in the city.

The Presence of History in the Modern Day

The picturesque and pleasant Georgian houses and Edwardian mansion blocks are juxtaposed with new offices and refurbished buildings and this gives the area its own flair and character, showcasing the evolution of London and how it is always growing and changing. History is one of the most significant aspects into what gives Fitzrovia such charm and appeal, in fact, Fitzrovia is home to two of the oldest surviving residential roads in London, Charles Dickens’ first home was even here at 22 Cleveland Street where a blue plaque was at last installed in the year of 2013. 

Fitzrovia has always been known for its creative history as the likes of Virginia Woolf and George Orwell were once residents here. The Fitzroy Tavern was the hotspot for the creative locals in the eighteenth and nineteenth century and it was the very place that inspired the name ‘Fitzrovia.’ The Fitzroy Tavern still sits proudly on Charlotte Street and is a reminder of Fitzrovia’s creative culture and history.


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Culture: Old and New

The Fitzrovia Festival is an event that celebrates the history of the area and has been enjoyed for a number of years. This annual event has been popular ever since it first started in 1973 and it is a day when all of the residents of Fitzrovia and visitors from the rest of London take pride in this unique area, from its history to what it has become in the present day.

The galleries and museums are another example of places to go in Fitzrovia to marvel over both history and the modern day. At the Pollock’s Toy Museum, guests can marvel at features such as the oldest teddy bear in the world, or on the other side of the spectrum, the Jaggedart Gallery is where one can take a look at work by up-and-coming artists.


Possibly one of the newest and exciting things to be brought to Fitzrovia is the renovation of Tottenham Court Road station and the introduction of Crossrail. This highly anticipated event has created quite the buzz and will mean that Fitzrovia will be in even higher demand as a place to work and live in London.

Edited: 11th April 2024