Wedged between the wealthy district of Marylebone and the chic and stylish area of Bloomsbury lies the quaint area of Fitzrovia; a place that manages to maintain a village charm whilst only being minutes away from one of the busiest shopping locations in London.


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Why is Fitzrovia So Fashionable?

A street in Fitzrovia

Known for its quirky and bohemian charm, Fitzrovia is without a doubt one of the most fashionable districts in London as within its narrow streets and period buildings is where supreme talent and creativity lies.

The community in Fitzrovia is exceptionally talented and they are inspired by the creativity that fills the district, around every corner there seems to be unique and trendy boutiques and fashion is something that is taken seriously. If any budding fashion designer is looking for somewhere to catch their big break, then Fitzrovia is the place to go to get inspiration or get talent-spotted. Fitzrovia’s flamboyant history is a reflection of its exuberance and fashion today. 

Fashion Businesses in Fitzrovia

Fashion Fringe

Fitzrovia is home to this successful fashion business targeted towards potential designers and helps them on their way to become successful with the ultimate goal of giving them the opportunity to have a slot at London Fashion Week. Fashion Fringe is always on the lookout for designers with original and revolutionary ideas so that they can make their design debut all the more possible.

The Disguisery

This bespoke tailoring business is expert in craftsmanship and is so passionate about the business and it is undeniably reflected in its work. The Disguisery has stated: ‘We live in Fitzrovia, work in Fitzrovia…we feel very part of the fabric of Fitzrovia.’ This statement expresses how much fashion means to each individual employee and accentuates the belief that Fitzrovia is one of London’s most fashionable districts.

Fashion Boutiques in Fitzrovia


This is most definitely one of Fitzrovia’s cherished fashion boutiques because it carries American clothing lines that are not that ready available elsewhere, so those who really have a passion for fashion and know their knife pleats from their lettuce hems will most certainly enjoy everything this shop has to offer.

Almost Famous

The most unexpected combinations are usually the best ones and this quaint shop in Fitzrovia is no exception. Created by an Indonesian designer, Almost Famous brings a unique flavour to the face of fashion to this area of the West End. The clothes range from jazzy jackets to delicate dresses and are surrounded by striking décor that consists of plush red sofas and antique furniture. On first look, no one could expect the wonders that are available in this little boutique.

Fashionable and Influential People in Fitzrovia

There is such an influential community of people that live in Fitzrovia who are gifted with an abundance of creativity. Designers, film-makers, models and writers are just a few amongst the artistic Fitzrovians and they all have nothing but positive things to say about the area that they are proud to live in.

Anne Kapranos, who is the Event Organizer and owner of the PR agency Kapranos in Fitzrovia, appreciates the trendiness of Fitzrovia and all of the exciting aspects that it has to offer by saying that it is ‘a really cool part of London at the moment with lots of exciting openings.’

Greta Ballamacina is an experienced writer and model, amongst other things, who has worked for the likes of US Vogue and Harpar’s Bazaar, has a strong eye for style and is continually inspired by the cobbles of Fitzrovia; ‘I like the rhythm of the place; everyone arrives into town and leaves so quickly that it feels like there is a lot of stillness and space.’

Iggy Hammick is the founder of Dark Blue, a digital designing agency and he lives and breathes Fitzrovia and everything that is in it; ‘Every twist and turn uncovered something new; an old local business, a beautiful Fitzrovia residential mews, calm, with the craziness of the West End a stone’s throw away.’

The remarks of these particular people, who know Fitzrovia better than anybody else, showcase just how up-and-coming the district is and highlight how Fitzrovia has its own character that is unlike its neighbouring areas. 

New and Exciting Developments

Fashion does not have to be associated with just the clothes you wear; it can also be regarding where you live. Galliard Homes are excited to introduce Hanway Gardens, the development that is a fusion of classical and contemporary design which fits in perfectly with Fitzrovia’s eclectic charm. This development comprising 18 outstanding apartments including two lavish penthouses will be an oasis of luxury amongst the hustle and bustle of the West End and will be the epitome of class and style. The interiors will all be up to Galliard Homes’ quality standards and residents will be able to appreciate the allure and tranquility of Fitzrovia from the beautifully landscaped terraces throughout the development. With Tottenham Court Road Tube station just a hop, skip and a jump away the rest of London will be at your fingertips; now has never been a better time to invest in the inspiring and fashionable location that is Fitzrovia.

Hanway Gardens is now sold out. For more information, please visit the development page or use our property search tool to find other available properties. Alternatively, call us on 020 3409 2270 to speak with our team.

Edited: 11th April 2024