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Buying at Wimbledon Grounds to Be Closer to My Football Team: Meet David


Known for its grassy commons — which are treasured by joggers and cyclists in the warm summer months — and playing host to the annual tennis Championships, sports and fitness have long been at the forefront of Wimbledon’s reputation. When it comes to football, last year was historic for supporters of AFC Wimbledon as it marked the club’s return to its home turf. And for life-long "Dons" fans David and Liam, 2020 would also be the year they became the proud owners of a perfect new South-West London property located on the site of their beloved team’s stadium.

Stylish, spacious and brilliantly located… what more could one want from a new London pad than these three things? For David, who works in off-shore wind and is a life-long supporter of AFC Wimbledon, there was one extra motive for buying at Wimbledon Grounds that turned this hat-trick into a game changer: the two bedroom apartment he had his eye on at Stadia Three also happened to back onto the pitch of his club’s brand new stadium.

The apartment is one of 115 new-build properties at Stadia Three: a residential development forming part of a huge regeneration masterplan surrounding the new landmark on Plough Lane.

The Return of AFC Wimbledon: “A Unique Story of Football”

Wimbledon Football Club was formed in 1889. When the team had to relocate to Milton Keynes, many supporters came together to form a trust to keep the team in Wimbledon, and the club was reborn as “AFC Wimbledon”. The construction of the new stadium has played a monumental role in bringing the club back to its roots, and buying an apartment on the site of AFC Wimbledon’s “spiritual home” has made David feel like he is part of the evolution of a team he has been following since 1984. With one of the best seats in the house, David will always feel closer than ever to his club and will never have to miss a match.

On 3 November 2020, the club played their first ever match in the brand new stadium, which stands on Plough Lane and forms the centrepiece of a 51,000 sq m trendy new residential and commercial site being developed by Galliard Construction that will be home to around 600 modern apartments, a public realm, dedicated cycle routes and a fitness centre.

Wimbledon: In a League of Its Own

David had always hoped to get involved in the London property market, and when an opportunity was presented at the site of his club’s brand new stadium, it was a no-brainer. Now David would have a place to stay whenever AFC Wimbledon are playing a home game and, better yet, it could not be more conveniently situated; on the edge of the stadium and the capital itself. His brand new pitch-side pad — which he co-owns with friend and fellow football fan, Liam — was not only appealing because of its attachment to the team, but also because of its location.

“We’re both interested in actually having a base that’s right next to our beloved football club, so we can always be a part of what’s going on there and feel like we’re really part of the club,” David explains, “so it was very attractive when the option came up.”

In the surrounding area, a quaint village replete with high-end boutiques and independent bistros can be found, as well as vast expanses of greenery offering locals an endless list of things to do all year round. With Tooting, Wandsworth, Richmond and Surrey all within a 10 mile radius, Wimbledon acts as a gateway to multiple destinations, but the most popular reason many flock to the area is its excellent connections to the City. With three train stations all reachable in under 20 minutes and a tram stop nearby, David and Liam’s new apartment is extremely well connected to the whole of London and the South East. Liam will live in the apartment full-time but for David, who works elsewhere, this apartment will be a fantastic London base for when he plans to stay on weekends.

Speaking to us about his experience buying an apartment with Galliard Homes, David stated “we were kept informed throughout — that certainly helped us with things like planning our financing and generally getting it together, so it’s been pretty smooth.” On the apartment itself, David expressed “for what you’re getting, it’s a very nice build, a very stylish apartment.”

David plans to spend long weekends in his stadium-side apartment and looks forward to experiencing some great games on the new pitch.

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Edited: 24th February 2023
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